Will be a multiplatform, multimedia program to teach general science literacy. Anchored in an entertaining and exciting kid's TV show, an integrated interactive web and mobile presence will also be supported by in-school and after-school programs, public events, discovery kit merchandising and open source curriculum, both virtual and tangible.

Aimed not at recruiting the next generation of STEM professionals, but at increasing understanding of of science, not as an some highfalutin ideology or arcane knowledge, but as a simple and easy to use process rooted in natural human curiosity.

A bit of Mythbusters meets the Little Rascals.

MythbustersOur Gang

Mythbusters is in many ways the best science show on TV,
Schmience!! should be the little brother, junior high of Mythbusters, using the same fun and light-hearted style, while introducing and naming the scientific method by which Adam, Jamie and crew bust their myths.

All on-camera personalities will be children, with adolescents being the oldest.

Questions will be solicited online and collaborate with the audience to use social media and other sources to solve problems on air with the kids who asked the question appearing as guests on the show, and with the audience participating in real time.

But these questions
will not be "science" questions, like "why is the sky blue",
but real day to day problems and mysteries tailored to the average kid.

They will be questions like:
...How can I keep my little brother from going through my stuff? or
...Why can I tickle my sister but not my mom? or
...How come my toast keeps burning?

The Kid Hosts of the show will guide their guests through the scientific method
to try and solve their mystery or answer their question,
checking assumptions, forming hypotheses, designing experiments and inducing conclusions.

The show will be composed of varying segments, intercut among this evolving
primary solution that will be the spine around which each show will be built.

Yucky Stuff, a segment where funny scatological questions will be explored in the only natural history fact component.
Such question might include:
...Why do we puke?
...What is snot?
...Why do we fart?
...Why is poop brown?
Because everybody knows kids love this stuff!

Kid-based citizen-journalist, documentary crews will explore the natural world and demonstrate the work and solutions of famous scientists that form the prior art of each shows solutions.

Aspies Corner, the only 'revelation from authority,' will be a recurring segment where a real-life kid with ASD will share their deep knowledge about one of their narrow-focus interests.

Contact: info@schmience.org if you are interested in the development of this project or have any comments or ideas